Magdalena and Germán have developed a style which can be defined as traditional with contemporary elements, characterized by its elegance and expressiveness, as well as by its unique musicality. In 2017 they were awarded tango’s highest recognition as 2017 Tango Salón Mundial Champions, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Read more about their journey below (written by Fabiola Gibson) and check them out on their Facebook.

Magdalena is a creative and musical dancer, with refined footwork. She puts her heart in each and every movement of her body. She appreciates the embrace, the connection,  and her passion for the dance, as well as her ability to respond to the requests of her partner, without losing her artistic presence. Below is a resume of tango companies and shows she's been a part of:

  • Complejo Tango

  • Piazzolla Tango

  • Gala Tango

  • Divino Tango (Pasiones Company, touring through Spain, Italy, Greece)

  • Tanguera (National Theatre, Argentina)

  • Evita (South Korea)

  • Tango Emoción (Teatro Nacional, Argentina)

  • Chantecler Tango (Paris, Tokyo, Teatro Alvear, Argentina)​​

Germán is a young tango professional who stands out for his musical, creative, and elegant dance. With an extensive background on the stage and his love for tango salón, he is characterized as being a well rounded expressive dancer, with great acting and teaching skills. He briefly worked with the prestigious and famous Spanish singer Julio Iglesias. In 2010, he moved to Buenos Aires where he began his career as an artist and dancer working in different tango houses and companies:
  • Complejo Tango
  • Gala Tango
  • La Ventana
  • Tempotango
  • Pasión de Tango 

Magdalena Gutierrez

Germán Ballejo

Lucila Segura Indumentaria
Manzo Foong