The name DiGarli is a combination of Garley (my real last name) and DiSarli (one of the greatest tango musicians). Since I caught the tango bug in the summer of 2009 I have since become a social dancer, a competitor, an instructor, a DJ and now an organizer. This website is a guide for past, current, and future events and projects I have planned. Feel free to check out tours I've planned for amazing teaching couples, events I've DJ'd at and even some of my favorite playlists. Below is a brief description of my tango journey. My goal is to share ideas and connect people through tango.  


Social Dancer

"Tango is more than a dance, it's a way of being."

Tango found me when I was studying to be an engineer. It was the perfect moment to wake me up to the real joys of life: connecting with people, enjoying a balanced life, being confident in who you are as you are, leading life by the horns, finding perfection in the imperfect moments and most of all being willing and open to unexpected discoveries. Because of tango I've traveled the world, bonded with people of all ages and backgrounds, learned from lifestyles different than mine, and even taken up new skillsets such as djing and organizing events.

"To fully understand something, you must able to teach it to everyone."


It is one thing to do a movement well, but can you explain it? Do you understand the structure so you can create something new? By exploring how to teach others, I   developed a deeper understanding of what tango is, what the fundamental challenges are and how to enable others to reach a level of satisfaction with their dance. In the past, I have taught with Robin Thomas, Gabriel Gaumond, Travis Widrick and am now a co-teacher with Ramu Pyreddy at the Monday classes  at Zandunga.

As a social dancer for the past decade who follows, leads and travels frequently across the country and abroad, I am constantly exposed to the diversity of tango which makes her DJing style unique. For each marathon and festival, I prepare by thinking about who is attending and what moods have already been created throughout the weekend. This is important in order to tailor my musical selections for that specific crowd at that specific time. My preference is to gradually ramp up and ramp down the energy throughout the night with a focus on traditional mixed with a hint of modern flair. I uses songs that range from fast, intense, and heavy to sweet, playful and nostalgic to sustain the energy throughout the night. I am always excited to share new discoveries as well as playlists from previous events.